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3 Phase Stringer Box, Twist Lock L21-30 I/O X 6 Duplex Edison w/ Indicator Lights 120/208Y VAC $299 Delivered

·         Dimensions: 15.5" Overall Length, 5.5" Over Width, 4.5" Overall Height

·         Weight: 7lbs 10oz

·         Input Voltage: 120/208Y VAC 3Phase 60Hz, 30A Thru Unswitched Thru Connector

·         Output Voltage: 3 Circuits, 120VAC, 60 Hz, 20A, 2 Connectors per Phase

·         Construction: Shell Made Steel

Here’s the downside to this drop box. It is not UL approved. You’re running 30-amp legs to 20 amp plugs with no 20-amp breakers. I know it’s not correct. That being said, I’ve been doing it for 20 years since the par can and big power amp days. I would run a 240/125V 30-amp plug to a quad box of Edison plugs. I wasn’t over 20-amps much, but an occasional peak would keep me from blowing breakers. So bottom line is think of where you’re going to use it and be aware. With all the LED lights and digital power amps, I’m doing a 1000 seat room pulling under 30 amps a leg total. This box has no issues there.