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Live Sound Gear is a hand picked group of products that have served FREQ CITY SOUND, Lighting & Staging well over decades of successful concerts and productions.  Regional companies and touring acts will find the products listed a "great bang for the buck." Also, by us testing throughout the years, hopefully we can also save you some time. We do have access to all pro audio lines but, this site will focus on value style products that will in a lot of cases outperform products at two and three times the price. Also, please check the "Used Gear" tab.

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FCS12LAP & FCS21H PA System Package

Powered Line Array & 21" Sub Package

Standard Silver on Black Design ATA Style Flight/Road Case Easy Locking Fit Aluminum Tongue and Groove Spring Action Recessed Handles Heavy and Powerful Steel Ball Corners Laminated 3/8" Plywood Industrial Recessed Butterfly Twist-Lock Latches High-density foam interior Full Length Hinge Heavy Duty Casters / Two Locking Truck Pack Design (90” wide Box) Case Weight 65.5 Pounds

      45" x 21.5" $549                                                                              30" x 21.5"  $449                                                 21" ACTIVE SUB $1995                           

RGBW LED waterproof Par

FCS54X3W RGBW IP65 LED Par                                         FCS12LAP LINE ARRAY $2995 PAIR w/Case                                    USED 1000Lbs 110V 20' Hoists                       

IP65 LED 4X100W Waterproof Crowd Blinders / Sold in Cases of two or four Lights

2 Blinders with Road Case $899 & Shipping  4 Blinder with Road Case $1725 & Shipping  Ohio Customers subject to Sales Tax
2 Blinders with Road Case $899 & Shipping  4 Blinder with Road Case $1725 & Shipping  Ohio Customers subject to Sales Tax

FCS Blinders in use ZZ Top Concert Thanks Chris  Music City Productions for the pics

5 Mipro MI909 Digital Wireless System $4500  1ART PS4X4 Rack Power Supply  1 Mipro AD808 Combiner  1 Mipro Antenna Back to Front Parts  4 Mipro Side by Side Rack Mount Rarts  2 Transformer 3 to 1 Splitters  Mipro AD-12 Antenna Splitter  2 Mipro AD-12 Jumper Cables  2 1' PWC-141 Power Cord   1 Gator GRW-DRWWRLSS Wireless Drawer  10 10' CBI P-MLN-10 XLR Mic Cables  1 Watertight 6 Space Molded Rack
The FCS-H3 (Hybrid Three-Way) is designed for specifically as a live stage in-ear monitor.  As a result, the sound will remain consistent and clear at any volume level to compete with live amplified stage instruments.     The low end of the H2 is a powerful titanium diaphragm 10mm dynamic subwoofer. It’s tuned and ported to deliver a balanced tight punchy low end.     The mid-high frequencies are covered by dual driver balanced armatures. We went through dozens of drivers and tuning mesh adjustments to find the perfect seamless compliment to the H3’s sub section.     Included in the package is a waterproof hardshell IEM case and a plethora of tips to make sure you get the proper seating or seal.