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Goal: I always liked the Westone UM20Pro and Shure SE425 dual driver IEMs for clarity. However, both products lacked a convincing low end.  It was like the kick drum was hitting a cardboard box. The H3 gives you the dual driver armatures and adds a 10mm dynamic driver subwoofer section. It’s the best of all worlds. With the dynamic which moves air, you’ll feel the low end not just hear it.

Bass players obsess over their amps, endlessly debating the merits of brands, configurations, size, strings, pick-ups, active, non-active and nearly every other conceivable detail. Yet, when it comes to the average show of decent size, the audience hears a DI. I maintain that your in-ear monitor quality is a decisive factor in a your performance. The FCS11B will let you hear and feel the nuances of your bass to allow you to be more comfortable and creative.  Drawback though, you'll be able to hear it when you need new strings.